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Dangerous Magnets

Dangerous Magnets

BRIEF: To replace an old static website with a content management system that would display properly on mobile devices and integrate with the business’s third party on-line store.

SOLUTION: We adopted the bulk of the design features of the old website, added an image gallery and provided instruction for in-house website editing.

OUTCOME: A very happy client:

“I approached you to solve this web site problem with a lot of associated fear. With hindsight I know this came from my former service provider’s utterly appalling communication skills which are now even more apparent to me. I had come to wonder if I was just incapable of communicating constructively with a website specialist. But you have been fantastic. No problems at all. I have really enjoyed working with you and I am delighted with the resulting website and its versatility for the future. I really appreciate it.”



Online Retailers, Small-Medium Enterprises