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TechBiz Success

TechBiz Success

BRIEF:  The client came to us after her site suffered a bad case of Trojan malware. We offered to repair or replace the website, and the client chose replacement as well as a new hosting provider. We were asked us to complete the project in the shortest possible time-frame. A request was made to re-brand the business from “Success With Grace” to “TechBiz Success”, which required us to adapt the former logo and attend to some copywriting to reflect changes that were being made to the business.

SOLUTION: We downloaded copies of images and text from the hacked website, and screenshots were used to create a new responsive WordPress website, incorporating most of the design elements from the old site.  We also provided instructions to enable future general content to be uploaded in-house.

OUTCOME: A malware-free, replacement website that was published within a week of the problem being identified.



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