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Tucson Tango Festival

Tuscon Tango Festival - Responsive WordPress website

Tucson Tango Festival

BRIEF:  The organiser of the Tucson Tango Festival in Arizona, USA had a non-responsive WordPress website that he and his team liked the look of on desktop and laptop computers, but wanted it to look just as good on SmartPhones and other mobile devices, so they mandated  The Design Web to identify and set up a new responsive theme for them.

We proposed a responsive “Virtue” WordPress theme, then set it up to look as similar as possible to their former website. We also set up an alternative set of subtle images to replace the former plain, single-colour background, located and resized various images to replace some that were inconsistent with others  they had published, and we made changes to forms, schedules and layouts to improve their functionality and user-friendliness for website visitors using computers, tablets or cell phones. We also provided a set of written instructions to assist the organisers to improve the ways they uploaded content and administered the site.

We effected the transformation during an evening Auckland, New Zealand time, while most of the USA-domiciled website visitors would have been either fast asleep, or tango-ing their nights away. The following morning we received a message from the organiser saying: “My site is awesome. Thanks.”



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