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Urban Build Co

Urban Build Co - Responsive WordPress website

Urban Build Co

BRIEF:  Urban Build Co wanted a developer to build a “responsive WordPress website” so typed these words plus “Auckland” into Google and found The Design Web at the top of page one.  They  wanted to showcase their building projects on a new website to replace one that they were not happy with. They also wanted the flexibility in due course to incorporate a login area for clients that would enable them to make payments by credit card through the login portal, and to view invoices.

We liaised with the client’s graphic designer to arrive at a design that looked great and that was compatible with responsive WordPress theme layouts, and a number of options were identified to integrate WordPress websites with the systems of the client’s accounting services provider (Xero). We then set up and developed the website and uploaded images and other content supplied by the client. We also provided instructions to enable future content to be uploaded in-house.

A new website that is simple to administer and that displays their building projects beautifully. The site is all ready to link to PayPal, Payment Express and or Xero when the arrangements with these third party service providers are finalised by the client.



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